Bristol Old Vic Review: Life Raft

By September 12, 2015 September 23rd, 2018 No Comments

Life Raft starts in a way that no other performance I’ve been to before has. Clamouring over your seat and hearing panicked ‘excuse me’ ‘excuse me’ from behind. You’re watching the stage, expecting something to happen in front of you, so when a child climbs over your shoulder it takes you by surprise.

The stage is cleverly designed to give you the feeling of being surrounded by debris. The young actors take you on their journey of survival, which is littered with irrational decisions and indecisiveness and the struggle of how to deal with group dynamics. No one wanting to make the final decision buy many wanting to be leaders. Others who are happy to go with what the stronger voices in the group say and peer pressure. All very relevant to growing up.

While I personally didn’t enjoy the show as much as other performances I have been to, there is no denying the fact that these young actors were utterly brilliant.

Their lines were faultless, their performance was given with all their heart and soul and I have no doubt that they’re going to go far.

I like to be kept guessing but I began to predict the next move and this is when you started to lose me. But not completely. I became transfixed on Foxy, the little stowaway at the centre of all the debate and argument. He was, by a very long way, my favourite character with those blank eyes and his slightly gormless stare. However there was more behind those eyes; saying nothing is often more powerful than continuous noise and shouting.

With a roar of applause at the end of the show, there is no getting away from the fact that is was a brilliant performance and the actors deserve every credit for their achievements.

This post first appeared on Bristol #PROSPECTUS, a project that has now ended.