Create content that has a significant impact on your marketing strategy. Whether it's copy that leaves the sales pitch at the door or web texts to connect the user experience journey, the approach is very similar.

Transforming your brief into expertly-penned words

Know your audience

When I know and understand your audience I can tailor the message most effectively. Buyer personas can be helpful to share if you have them and I will definitely need to read your marketing strategy and brand guidelines before putting pen to paper.

Understand the goal

What do you want to achieve from the piece of content? Maybe more importantly, what do you want your readers to do as a result of reading the content? This helps keep the content focused on outcomes that benefit your business and link directly to your marketing strategy.

Read, research and read some more

To transform your idea into a compelling piece of content takes a lot of research. I delve deep into the topic, read other articles and review what your competitors are saying. All of this information feeds the writing process. The result is you receive convincing, original copy that’s on brand with a consistent tone of voice.

Stories sell

Story telling has been used for centuries to inspire, educate and inform. By connecting with your audience on an emotional, real-world level it strengthens the message you want to give. Your content will be more memorable.


Simplicity doesn’t just mean using just clear, concise language. Often topics are very complex and need a logical structure to unpack all of the information. It’s important to keep it coherent and readable.

Content is visual too

Copywriting is not just about writing the words. When writing I am also thinking about the visual elements that will help to grab readers’ attention. For example, eye-catching imagery, diagrams that explain a concept or headings and bullet points to help guide the reader.

Calls to action

Reading a piece of content is nice but often businesses need their audience to do something as a result, whether that’s download a whitepaper, contact the sales team or read another article. Whatever it is, the call to action will be clear and pushes them further along the customer journey.

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